Built from the original Family Law DOORS (McIntosh 2011), the Family DOORS App is an evidence-based universal screening framework for keeping families safe.

This new app is designed to assist professionals to detect and evaluate risks before they escalate, and supports the development of a tailored response.

The app can be used by all helping professionals, including family law practitioners, counsellors,
psychologists and social workers.

The Family DOORS App allows:

  • a parent to self-complete the screening tool, and
  • a fully automated report to be generated for the professional, with tailored follow up prompts.

Technical Requirements

  • The intention of the Family DOORS App is to ensure that the screening tools within are mobile compatible and can be filled out by clients using computer tablets while they are on site. The Family DOORS app is compatible across the three common mobile platforms: IOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The Family DOORS App is largely HTML 5, so it will work on almost all mobile device platforms with a browser.
  • In terms of devices, the Family DOORS App can be completed using tablet-style devices such as iPads, Surfaces and Androids. Tablets with larger screen sizes will yield a better user experience – for example, the full sized iPads are preferred over those iPad minis. While the Family DOORS App has been successfully tested on iPad 1s, newer devices are recommended due to their more recent operating systems and browsers. Please ensure that your device is running the most recent OS / software version.
  • The Family DOORS App is not network-heavy. It can be completed over any internet connection with 3G wireless speed or better. Obviously, the faster the internet connection, the better the user experience.